Mark Kimzey

Director of IT

Mark is Lifeline’s Director of Information Technology

He researches, develops, and implements strategic opportunities and partnerships to enhance Lifelines services to businesses in Southern Oregon. Mark also works in various roles to streamline processes and develop personnel both personally and professionally.

Mark’s expansive experience includes being a Systems Engineer II for Asante Health Systems where he supported the network infrastructure for Asante across three counties. He was presented with the “MacGyver” award by the CIO for thinking outside the box in order to meet a clinic grand opening deadline.

Mark’s experience also includes being the IT Manager for Dutch Bros Coffee. He served as the leader of the technology department which consisted of many projects, including developing and implementing process and procedure for the department and designing a technology package to deploy new drive-through locations.

Mark is a real estate investor, and loves rafting, backpacking, and hiking – anything that gets him out in the great outdoors! He has three kids whom he loves spending time with and guiding them along their life path as they grow up. He’s also enthusiastic about growth and is constantly learning new things.

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