About Lifeline


About Us

Founded in 2004, Lifeline quickly became a key partner for companies looking to take charge of their growth and strategically harness technology to achieve greatness.

We eventually developed the Complete Solution Provider concept, as founder Micah Shanks recognized a pattern among business owners and managers. Phrases such as, “Technology is a necessary evil,” and “It’s the cost of doing business,” helped Micah to realize that companies were missing tremendous opportunity thanks to a lack of strategic management over their business technology.

Today Lifeline works locally with companies from Silicon Valley to Seattle. We provide our clients with a strategic approach to technology, and a fresh view on tech as a measurable investment rather than a sunk cost. Our purpose is to give businesses control of their technology expenses, and to turn those expenses into profit-driving resources to push the company forward.

Core Values:

Communicate, Align Expectations, Exceed Expectations, Leave IT better than you found IT.

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