Risk Assessment Services


Regardless of what industry your company operates in, your IT infrastructure and the data within it are susceptible to cybersecurity risks and threats. These cybersecurity risks and threats are constantly changing and evolving, making it increasingly more difficult for companies to prevent cyber-attacks. It’s imperative for companies to consistently assess their systems’ security and establish processes and response plans in the event of a cybersecurity incident. Lifeline Security maintains this level of security with risk assessments and services.

Benefits of Risk Assessments & Services


A risk assessment allows for the mitigation of vulnerabilities by establishing a continuous process of identifying, assessing, and responding to potential risks and threats; both technical and non-technical. Through a risk assessments, technical and non-technical measures and processes are evaluated based on their overall effectiveness, which provides the information necessary to make educated decisions for continuous improvement.


Holistically, the benefits that stem from performing a risk assessments include:

— Identifying Vulnerabilities

— Determining Potential Security Risks

— Establishing & Prioritizing Risk Responses

— Enhancing Information Security Processes & Defenses

IT Risk Services

One of the best ways to protect your business from cyber-attacks is by allowing your security team to test it, by “hacking” your existing infrastructure and systems. By attempting to gain access to data and systems through a penetration test, Lifeline Security can assess, evaluate, and identify loopholes and vulnerabilities that are susceptible to exploitation from both external and internal threats. Through these testing methods, we can:

  • Evaluate Network Security
  • Reduce The Risk of Potential Breaches & Attacks
  • Mitigate Vulnerabilities
  • Defend Against Data Theft

Risk Assessment Services allows Lifeline Security to identify necessary tasks that come out of the risk assessments, identify any resources required, and establish appropriate timelines for deliverables.

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