Managed Security Services

Approximately 1 in 5 small businesses fall victim to information security crimes each year.

These crimes not only affect a company’s reputation but can also have a detrimental effect on finances and cause the majority of businesses to close.

Lifeline Security offers comprehensive information security monitoring services that go beyond compliance monitoring to deliver businesses with proactive detection of threats, reduced incident response time and an in-depth evaluation of existing security measures. Contact us today to start securing your company.


Managing Security Risks

Malware · Hackers · Vulnerable Devices · Disgruntled Employees

Despite a company’s best efforts, threats are not always avoidable and are often unexpected.  When Lifeline Security is monitoring your information, it allows your business to remain in accordance with organizational policies, as well as comply with regulatory or legal requirements. We manage security risks in several ways:

·    Establishing a monitoring strategy based on risk assessment and business needs

·    Monitoring all systems, networks and services to ensure full security coverage

·    Monitoring both inbound and outbound network traffic to quickly identify unusual trends or activities

·    Monitoring user activity to identify accidental or unauthorized misuse of data or systems

·    Keeping a record of events and generating alerts to inform clients of possible security issues


System hardening is the process of securing a computer system by minimizing its surface of vulnerability and potential attack vectors. It’s a form of information security that involves closing system loopholes that attackers frequently use to exploit the system and gain access to sensitive data.


What are the types of system hardening?

System hardening involves securing not only a computer’s software applications, including the operating system, but also its:

·   Firmware

·   Databases

·   Networks

·   Other critical elements an attacker could exploit

LLS hardening graphic

End User Training

Lifeline Security is here to help with end user training which works to protect your organization from low-level to sophisticated cyber threats. It can improve decision-making, reduce human error, and generally help limit information security breaches. More than 90% of threats start with the end user, making end user training a business best practice.

Human error is a major point of weakness when it comes to internal security breaches. It’s imperative that all businesses employ Information Security training for team members to understand their responsibilities, learn how to protect sensitive information, and recognize signs of malicious threats.

Security awareness training covers:

·    Phishing and Social Engineering

·    Access, Passwords, and Connection

·    Device Security

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