Incident Response and Remediation Services

Information security attacks are, unfortunately, an inevitable reality in today’s world. When you have a breach or cyber incident, Lifeline Security is there for you. We are ready to stop the attack in its tracks and restore your organization to pre-incident business operations.


Complete Incident Remediation and Recovery

Lifeline Security’s incident remediation and recovery services can help your business through some of the most disruptive and time-consuming stages of a information security incident.

A critical part of responding to an incident is recovery and remediation. You may have regained stability after an initial incident, but how do you recover? Do you have the support to get your systems back up and running?

Lifeline Security provides elevated expertise and experience in enabling companies to get their operations back online as quickly as possible. These services include the reimaging of devices.

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     Active Directory


     Hypervisor Recovery

     Incident Remediation

     Patch Management

     Network Segmentation

     Network Hardening


Your partnership with Lifeline Security supports proactive implementation after system assessments or testing engagements where patching, hardening, or upgrading is needed. Our expert team conducts resilience assessments or penetration testing, and work towards implementing best practices, patch vulnerabilities and plug gaps in your security controls.


Mitigate Business Disruptions

When responding to an attack, minimizing business interruption is key for your employees and stakeholders. Getting operations back up and running can be challenging and often necessitates an entire task force dedicated to the rebuilding and reimaging of devices, especially in the event of corrupt or permanently damaged equipment. Lifeline Security offers a quick and agile response, ensuring minimal disruption to your business.

Plug the Gaps

It’s not just about recovery. The goal is to reduce the possibility of security incidents and cyber-attacks in the first place, to “plug the gaps”. Lifeline Security provides proactive support to be best prepared for a breach. Our team can provide a wide range of cyber assessments to evaluate your current cyber security situation and subsequently help protect against any apparent vulnerabilities and implement the right controls to protect your organization.

Types of Incidences Commonly Resolved

·   Ransomware Response

·   Intellectual Property Theft Investigations

·   Data Breach Response

·   Business Email Compromise Investigation

·   Employee Misconduct Investigations

When Information Security Attacks Happen

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